Who we are and what we do

In 2013 we had several changes to laws which lead to major problems in the rendering industry. We found that we had no registered organization representing renderers in South Africa which meant that we were all working in isolation regarding legal compliance.

In 2014 RSA renderers was registered as a non profit organization representing rendering plants, sterilization plants and alkaline hydrolysis in South Africa.

Currently we represent our members at the highest possible level in government to ensure that we contribute to animal and human health in South Africa by complying to all legal requirements from government.

By doing this we assist industry with animal by-products and reduce waste targeted for waste sites.

We advise on rendering plant safe operations and legal requirements for rendering plant equipment as required by law.

We assist with advice on how to start a rendering/sterilization plant or alkaline hydrolysis plant to safely turn animal matter waste into a by-product.

We also provide training in by-product manufacturing / sterilization operations.

In the old days we use to dig a hole and burry our condemned / waste animal matter and then import the same waste as by-product for industry.

South Africa can no longer afford digging holes, first of all we are polluting our country, it is illegal and we can not afford paying to import other countries waste