What is Rendering

What is rendering, sterilization and alkaline hydrolysis?

Animal rendering means processing inedible animal matter safe and sustainably into meals and fats.

In South Africa we have rendering plants owned by abattoirs and rendering plants owned by private industries collecting on a contract basis.

We also have sterilization plants for edible and inedible animal matter which comply to the highest sterilization standards.

Alkaline hydrolysis is a method of chemically converting abattoir inedible meat into fertilizer.

Currently we have 6 sterilization methods as per act 36 of 1947.

What by-products do we render in South Africa


The list also includes areas like fish, crocodile, chain stores and butcheries.

What do we use rendered by-product for

As one can see from the above, we could use almost any by-product from abattoirs as protein, fats, oil or fertilizer. These by-products are used for:

  • Animal Feeds
  • Fish Food
  • Pet Food
  • Fats and oils are also used in soap leather and pharmaceutical products
  • Fertilizers

The above list is just to name a few uses, the list goes on and on.

Is rendered products safe?

Renderers produce high quality and safe products for the industry. The rendering industry is regulated by South African laws and code of practice as per RSA renderers.

Our members are from the smallest renderers to the biggest renderers organizations in South Africa.